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INTRODUCTION OF THE TOWN PANCHAYAT Marandahalli Town Panchayat constituted in the year of 1968. The Town is coming under the administrative territory of Dharmapuri District. The Town extends over an area of 1.6 The Town is situated along 15 KM East of Palacode Road. The population of the town as per 2011 census is 12415. The main occupation of the people is Agriculture and Traders.Nearly 12277 people of its total population mainly depend upon agriculture. Due to the failure of monsoon for the past four years the poor farmers had to leave their native town so as to earn money for their living to the nearest city namely Bangalore. Marandahalli Town Panchayat is situated 45 Km away from Dharmapuri Town. It is on the enroute to Royakottai - Hosur - Bangalore. Marandahalli railway station is situated outside the town. Trains from Bangalore to Dharmapuri via Marandahalli railway station. This is a born to the people of Marandahalli especially business people who come to this town on business affairs from Bangalore, Hosur, Salem , Erode, Coimbatore Kerala etc. It comes under Palacode taluk having no. 81 Marandahalli, as its assembly constituency and no.14 Krishnagiri, as its parliamentary constituency. The agriculture product,Cocount, Arecanut, Tamarind, tomato, cin particular is largely grown in Marandahalli area. This is being transported from Marandahalli to almost all parts of India. May – September, Decemeber - March period Coconut business in turnover nearby Rs.3.00 Lakhs per day. Marandahalli is a Selection Grade Town Panchayat having a population of about 12451 (as per 2011 census).The town is having 15 wards. The town is headed by the president Town Panchayat and 15 members. The town administration is governed by the Executive Officer of Town Panchayat. The total population of the slum area is about 2157. The slum areas are being given importance for providing Basic Amenities for the uplift of the poor under various schemes.

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Town Information

Town Panchayat Name: Marandahalli
Population 12451
Area in SqKm 1.60
District Dharmapuri
Taluk Palacode
Name of Assembly Constituency 57
Name of Parliment Constituency 10
No of Wards 15
No of Streets 41

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