Annur Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Annur Town Panchayat Located 34.00 K.M distance from Coimbatore District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Mettupalayam , This Railway Station Located 22.00 k.m Distance from annur
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : Peelamadu 42 km
  4. Bus Route Details : : Annur is well connected by roads including the National Highway 209 (Dindugal to Bangalore NH209).
  1. Arulmigu. Manneeswarar Temple - Ward No : 15 - Street Name - Othimalai Road
  2. Perumal Temple - Ward No : 15 - Street Name - Othimalai Road
  3. Koothandavar Temple - Ward No : 15 - Street Name - Koothandavar Kovil street
  4. Pallivasal - Ward No : 15 - Street Name - Pallivasal Street
  5. CSI Church - Ward No : 14 - Street Name - Church Street
  6. Angalaparameswari amman Temple - Ward No : 12 - Street Name - Thennampalayam road
  7. Ayyappan Temple - Ward No : 12 - Street Name - Thennampalayam road
  8. Omsakthi Temple - Ward No : 12 - Street Name - Thennampalayam road
  9. Vattamalai Andavar Temple - Ward No : 8 - Street Name - North Street-2
  10. Kamatchiamman Temple - Ward No : 7 - Street Name - Kamatchiamman kovil street
  11. Makaliamman Temple - Ward No : 6 - Street Name - Makaliamman Kovil street
  12. Mariamman Temple - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - Mariamman Kovil street
  13. Arulmigu.Periyamman Temple - Ward No : 2 - Street Name - Sathy Road
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Arulmigu. Maneeswarar Temple Car festival7DEC1500NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
AvinashiEast18.00 K.m
MettupalayamWest22.00 K.m
PunjaiPuliampattiNorth18.00 K.m
CoimbatoreSouth34.00 K.m

Town Profile



1. Town History

          Annur  is  a part of  ancient  Kongu region,  called  as  Manniyur  and then as Anniyur  now  colloquially  as  Annur.  Annur  is a Selection Grade Town Panchayat.  It is possessing  all  sort  of  facilities  as like in a city.   Annur Town Panchayat coming under the administrative territory of Annur Taluk,  Coimbatore District.   This Town Panchayat  constituted in the year of 1939. (22.05.1939).  In the year 1983 The Director of Town Panchayat’s  Proceeding No.29682/82 J5 dated: 04.02.1983 constituted as Selection Grade  Town Panchayat.  This Town Panchayat is coming under Municipal Act from the year 1996. In the year 2004 ( 11.6.2004 ) wide G.O.No.270 Date. 04.06.2004 It was called as Special Village Panchayat.  Again on 14.7.2006 wide G.O.No.55 date14.07.2006 as Town Panchayat. 

          The town extends over an area of 18.29 Sq .km. The town is situated along Dindigul –Bangalore National Highways (NH 209) .  The population of the town as per 2011 census is 20079  with  5610  households  spread  in   13   habitations.  

2. Political Wing

                        The Panchayat council the Political arm of the Town consists of 15 directly elected councillors each representing a ward. The Chairman heads  the Town Panchayat council which performs its duties as per the provisions envisaged in District Municipalities Act 1920.  The Political wing provides direction to the Town Panchayat Administration and performs its functions through a set of committees constituted for different purposes.

3. Executive Wing

                        The Executive wing is responsible for day to day operations of the Town Panchayat and is headed by the Executive Officer.  The Executive Officer is the Administrative head of the Town Panchayat and is supported by different departments in the operations and maintenance.  The Organizational structure comprises of Four functional department.

4. Transport Linkage

                       Annur town is situated along Dindigul –Bangalore  National Highways (NH 209). This is in Coimbatore district  a distance from  34 Km.   Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation plays a number of buses. Private transports and mini bus services are also operated in day and night. Annur Bus stand with all its facilities is situated in the heart of the town. There is a good transport net work system in the town.  Ooty  Main Road  goes  through  our village  connecting  facilities  are  there  from  here  to  Somanur, Sirumugai,  Thennampalayam,  Tirupur  and  all  surrounding  Villages. It is  also  a  main  trade  centre for  all  neighbouring  villages.  Annur  Town  Panchayat  Bus  Stand is  ‘C’ Class  Bus  stand.       

No. of  Govt. Buses         :         157

No. of Private Buses        :          38       

No. of  Mini Buses          :            5




5. Climate Condition

                   This town has a fairly healthy climate. The maximum temperature normally occurs in the month of may while the minimum temperature in winter occurs in December.             


6. Historical Importance :    GANDHIJI   IN  SOKKAMPALAYAM


                   Sokkampalayam  is  one of the  ideal  village  in  Annur Town  Panchayat.  When the  freedom  struggle  started,  each  and  every  villagers  participated  and  sacrificed  their lives.  They  are  very  kind  hearted  and  loveable  people.  In 1934  February  6th  Gandhiji,  Who is  known as the FATHER OF OUR NATION   Visited  Shokkampalayam.  When  his  footpath touched  this  Sokkampalayam,  it  was  purified.   In  this  village  the  villagers built  Gandhiji  Kasthuraiba Memorial hall.  Through  that  they  bring the memories of  Gandhiji’s  visit  at Sokkampalayam for ever.  In this  memorial  they  kept  Gandhiji’s  pen, Chapels,  Glass, Watch  and the  collection  of  Gandhiji’s  photos  and the  Freedom  Struggle  album.  They  built  statue  with MANIMANDAPAM   in the  entrance.

7. Major Festival

          Arulmigu  Arunthava  Selvi  Udanamar  Annur Arulmigu  Manneeswarar  Thiru Kovil  Which is known  as  South kalakasthi ,  Maetralai  Tanjore  is  one of the  eminent  temple  in Tamil nadu.  This  temple  is  recently  renovated adorned  with a beautiful  wooden  car  for its  annual  car function ( Ratha urchava). MARIAMMAN  FESTIVALS:  In Tamil Nadu  each  and  every  place has Mariamman Thirukovil.  This is  famous  in  Annur Also.  In Chithirai ( Tamil First month)  Mariamman  kovil function  have been  celebrating  every  year.