Edanganasalai Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Edanganasalai Town Panchayat Located 20.00 K.M distance from Salem District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Salem Junction , This Railway Station Located 18.00 k.m Distance from edanganasalai
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : Kaamalapuram, Omalur
  4. Bus Route Details : : Elampillai - Salem, Pappampadi - Salem, Jalakandapuram via Elampillai to Salem
  1. Sidhar Temple - Ward No : 8 - Street Name - Ponnagar
  2. Vaitheswaran Temple - Ward No : 18 - Street Name - Madathur
  3. Mariyamman Temple - Ward No : 17 - Street Name - Edanganasalai
  4. Sellandiyamman Temple - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - E.Kattur
  5. Mariyamman Temple - Ward No : 7 - Street Name - Kosavapatti
  6. Samundeeswari Amman Temple - Ward No : 2 - Street Name - Thoothanur
  7. Mariyamman Temple - Ward No : 9 - Street Name - Elumathanur
  8. Mariyamman Temple - Ward No : 11 - Street Name - Kadayampatty
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Chithirai Sirapu5APR10000NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
SalemEast20.00 K.m
SankariWest34.00 K.m
OmalurNorth25.00 K.m
ElampillaiSouth1.00 K.m




        1.    Introduction

            Edanganasalai Town Panchayat was constituted on 1967 as first Grade Town Panchayat functioning as such till date. It consisting 18 wards. The extent of the Town Panchayat is 24.50 Sq.K.M.  The population of the Town Panchayat is 33245 as per 2011 census, consisting 17609 men and 15636 women.

Edanganasalai Town Panchayat is one of the important Textiles Town Panchayat in Salem District and is very famous Sidhur Kovil near by Town Panchayat.

2.    Demographics

Edanganasalai Town Panchayat is in between Salem - Elampillai and Kakka Palayam - Tharamangalam bus route.  This is in Salem district Distance in 20 Km.  It is 10 km south east of Kakka Palayam and 360 km from Chennai. 

3.    Historical Significance Temples

This is one of the ancient Siva temples. The worshipping deity of this temple is Sidhur Kovil appears in Edanganasalai. This Hill temple is known as Sidhur Kovil and there is no equal temple to this any where in the world.  The Puranas say that there is no equal deity in this world to Arulmigu Sidhur Kovil For centuries the devotees worship Arulmigu Sidhur Kovil and get there blessings by worshipping here the devotees redeemed from their sins. The four Vedas are incarnated as four Hills and on the top of the Atharvana Veda Lord Siva has this temple.  This is a beautiful Hill temple on three rocks and it attracts devotees from all parts of the world.


In Arulmigu Vaithyswarar shrine, Edanganasalai-thousands of devotees render their offerings by Pradhakchanam and prayer offerings and finally their wishes are fulfilled. Vaithyswarar says that ‘God is in everyman but nobody is in God’. Vaithyswarar says ‘the powerful God of Edanganasalai.


4.    Train Transport

There are train services from Chennai to Salem Junction.  From Salem we could reach Edanganasalai by bus.

Town Map