Irugur Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Irugur Town Panchayat Located 15.00 K.M distance from Coimbatore District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Irugur Railway station , This Railway Station Located 0.35 k.m Distance from irugur
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : Peelamedu-Coimbatore International Airport
  4. Bus Route Details : : Irugur to Pothanur Bus No-8a, Irugur to ukkadam-Bus No.75,75a, Irugur to Gandhipuram Bus No.93,109,114, Irugur to thudiyalur-Bus No.S6A
  1. Masaniamman Kovil - Ward No : 8 - Street Name - Level crossing road
  2. Angalamman Kovil - Ward No : 9 - Street Name - Angalamman kovil street
  3. Eswaran kovil - Ward No : 11 - Street Name - Eswaran kovil street
  4. Kamatchipuram Aathinam-Angalamman kovil - Ward No : 7 - Street Name - S.K.V.Employees colony
  5. Mariamman Kovil - Ward No : 5 - Street Name - Thirchy road
  6. Selva vinayagar kovil - Ward No : 9 - Street Name - Ginning baktari road
  7. C.S.I Church - Ward No : 9 - Street Name - Irugur to Ondipudhur road
  8. Mariamman Kovil - Ward No : 11 - Street Name - Eswaran Kovil street
  9. Ponnuramman Kovil - Ward No : 8 - Street Name - Ponnuramman Kovil street
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Angalamman Kovil3FEB5000NON-NOTIFIED
Sura samharam1NOV1000NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
Sulur Town PanchayatEast9.00 K.m
Coimbatore CorporationWest3.00 K.m
Chinniampalayam (Sulur Union)North4.00 K.m
Pallapalayam Town PanchayatSouth6.00 K.m



Town Profile

 Location and Town History:

                                    Irugur is a Selection Grade Town Panchayat in Coimbatore District (from 09.05.1979) under Tamil District Municipalities Act 1920. Irugur is situated 12km Eastern side of Coimbatore and Situated along Trichy Main Road (NH 67).Irugur Town Panchayat was developed by the British. The Petroleum industries having their Petroleum Plants (HPCL, IOCL, & BPCL) and many of Small Scale Industries like Powerloom, Spinning mills and Cottage Industries are the main Revenue sources of the Town Panchayat  located around Irugur area.

                        Also The Container Corporation of India’s branch office and Container Shed Located in the Irugur Town. An important NH 47 L/T Byepass Road situated and running over through middle of the Irugur Town. There is a Railway station named IRUGUR Passenger Station and Railway goods are Located in the Panchayat Limit and it is very nearest station to Coimbatore Junction and Podanur Junction.Now it is developed to Major Goods shed working.

                        Coimbatore International Airport is situated to the nearest of Panchayat Boundry.

Town Administration :

                                    Irugur Town Panchayat classified First Grade Town Panchayat constituted in the year 1957 covering as extent of 11.655 During the year 1979 the Irugur Town Panchayat upgraded as Selection Grade Town Panchayat with effect from 09.05.1979.

                                    The Population of the Panchayat is 25,691 as per 2011 Census at present population is 28,532. The town is divided into 18 Wards in which 11 wards in Irugur town and remaining 7 wards surrounding Hamlets named Kamatchipuram, Athappagoundenpudur, Kurumbapalayam, and Ravathur. The Urban Local body election was held on 19.10.2011 and elected the Town Panchayat  Chairman and Councilors.      

Topography :   Irugur town has a relatively Plain terrain and little slopes from north to south. Noyyal River enters in Kamatchipuram and flows through the Boundary of the town. Topographical survey and geotechnical investigation has been carried out to obtain requisite information such as ground levels, soil profile, main roads, landmarks etc.

Transport linkage :     Irugur Town Panchayat is well connected with the adjoining towns, village, district head quarters and state capital by well laid out system of roads.  District roads and panchayat roads / streets constitute the road system, administrative classification of roads, the location of Bus stand and railway station and other traffic generating centers.

Geology and Groundwater Table :   The soil strata in the town is generally hard gravelly soil ,kankar and little clayey area up to 1.5 m depth, soft Disintegrated Rock from 1.5m and 3 m depth, Medium  Rock & Dense Medium Rock from 3m to 4m depth, Hard Rock above 4 m depth.  The average ground water table in this town is reported at approximately 18 to 25 m respectively in rainy season. The depth increases to 40 m during summer season.

Population growth : Irugur is spread over an area of 11.655 with a 2011 census population of 25,691. Population in each decade with the corresponding growth rate is furnished in Table 2.1 It has been observed that during the decade 1981-1991, Population growth rate has declined. This decline may be attributed to family planning measures adopted by the government, migration of people to the nearby towns and major urban settlements.            

                                  PAST POPULATION DATA & DECADAL GROWTH RATE


Census Population

Decadal Population


Density             (pers./ Sq.Km. )









    The average population density is 1466 persons /

Present Water Supply Details:  The main source of the watersupply scheme from Athikkadavu Combined Water Supply Scheme (1996) and pillur IInd scheme as source of Bhavani River and Operated and Manintained by TWAD Board. improvement done 1978.

                                    Present storage capacity of 5  OHT is 13.50 Liters are detailed below.   






Capacity in Lakh litres


















Mahakavi Nagar







                                    The total quantity of daily supply is 13.50 Lakhs litres (3.07 MLD). Rate of supply at present is 105 LPCD. (One hour in daily) by the ULB.  8500 House service connections are given against the property tax assessments 8200. 253 Public fountains, 1 hand pumps and 20  power pumps are also maintained by ULB, Total length of the distribution mains 40.00 K.m. against length of the road   78.032 K.m.

 Street Light: The Panchayat is Maintaining Street light as follows :

Tube lights -897 Nos, Sodium Vapour Lamps  -53 Nos,High mast Lamps -1 No, LED -5 Nos  CFL Lamps-350 Nos, Solar lights-40 Nos

Solid Waste Management:  Total area of the Town Panchayat is 11.655 Sq.Km having a population of 25,691 as per 2011 Census. Total Number of household is 8500. Total quantity of garbage generate is 5.730 MT per day. Door to Door collection is done in all the 18 ward. The ULB has procured Push Carts, Vehicles and other equipments apart from provision of Infrastructure development to the Compost yard.

Compost Yard:  The Panchayat Compost Yard land at an extent of 2.75 Hectares has already available.  Now Roads, Street lights and fencing works are provided in the Compost yard. Collection is done in all the 18 ward. The ULB has procured Push Carts, Vehicles and other equipments apart from provision of Infrastructure development to the Compost yard. 

Roads : The Panchayat is maintaining roads to a length of 78.032 km as follows.

1.Black Topped roads-44.139 km, 2.Cement Concrete