Kambainallur Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Kambainallur Town Panchayat Located 25.00 K.M distance from Dharmapuri District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Morappur , This Railway Station Located 13.00 k.m Distance from kambainallur
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : -
  4. Bus Route Details : : 1. Krishnagiri to Harur 2. Hosur to Harur
  1. Sri Desanatha Eswarar - Ward No : 5 - Street Name - Thangavel Nagar
  2. Sri Perumal Temple - Ward No : 1 - Street Name - Bazzar Street
  3. Sri Subramaniyar Temple - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - Subramaniyar Kovil Street
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
-East0.00 K.m
DharmapuriWest25.00 K.m
TirupatturNorth50.00 K.m
SalemSouth70.00 K.m

                                                                                                         DHARMAPURI DISTRICT




Kambainallur Town Panchayat coming under the administrative territory of Harur Taluk, Dharmapuri District.  This Town constituted as 1st Grade Town Panchayat.  In this Town Panchayat Municipal act has been implemented and followed.  Total Area of panchayat is 7.24 Sq.Km Total length of roads is  53.74,  Total 25.00km pipe lines has been laid and Maintained by town Panchayat.


The ancient Temple of Sri Desa natha Eswarar Temple is the Famous Temple in the  Kambainallur Town.   Dharmapuri  is around 25 km and  Salem is 80km, away from Kambainallur.

The  population of this town panchayat is 10833 as per  2001 Cense and 12194  as per 2011 Cense. Total No.of Assessment is 3483  Total No.wards are 15. 

This town has a fairly healthy climate. The maximum temperature normally occurs in the month of may while the minimum temperature in winter occurs in December.                  

There are about  200 acres of water Catchments Lake and near the well-known Big lake is Thalavai Lake. So there is no water scarcity in this town. Further to this, the town panchayat is maintaining  25 km pipeline, 6 No. Of OHT,  with the help of above Facility the Town Panchayat giving 71 LPCD to the People.

The town panchayat total area is 7.24 sq.km. 53.74 km of roads he is  being maintained  by town panchayat out of which 40.929 km.   BT Road, 6.265 km.  CC Road , 5.980 km.  Earthen Road.


Water Supply Scheme

Protected water supply  scheme to Kambainallur Town Panchayat. There is a Thenpennar river which is running 9 KM from Kambainallur, and Protected water supply scheme is now being maintained by town panchayat which has been handed over by TWAD in the year 2000. The Estimated cost of the scheme is 187 Corss. Protected water is being supplied to the people of the town panchayat daily 72 LPCD and there is now water scarcity.


There is a head work at Thenpannar river from which water is being pumped in to the sump and OHT which are near the bus stand. There are 93 Public fountains and 58 house service connection are being maintain at present. In addition to these, there are 76 hand pumps and 7 power pumps are also being maintained. The distribution of protected water is pumped to 7 OHT’s in the hamlets of the town panchayat.  


Reservoir Dam at Eachampadi Village.

            There is a service reservoir dam at a distance of 5 km from Kambainallur. This water is being stagnated and supplied from Thenpennai river exclusively for irrigation purpose to the lands surround by Eachampadi Village.   

Preparing Palm Jaggery

There are nearly 300 palm trees in the limits of Kambainallur Town Panchayat  from which palm jaggery is being prepared by the society under cottage industries on seasonal months. About 20 families are engaged in this work. This society comes under the controller of Special Officer,Plam Jaggery Co-op Society.Loans are also being sanctioned and paid for these purpose by Co-op department.

Sri Dhesanatha Eswar Temple

            History of the Temples of Arulmigu Desanatha Easwaran lord lakshminaraya the Kambainallur is situated in Harur taluk, Dharmapuri District at a Distance of 25 km from Dharmapuri. The name of Kambainallur was dedicated whole the ruling  of  vijaya nagar Emperors in 13th century. The temple of lord Lakshminaraya is situated in the middle of Kambailnallur town.

            There was a Fort an the eastern side of Kambainallur on the lord Desanatha Easwar temple is there in the middle of the Fort. There was mandapam   constructed on the  South side of the said temple and there is a wooden car at the temple which is in damaged condition.

Sri Perumal Temple

            This Temple was constructed in 12th century. There are 3 nandies and several statues during the role of 3rd emperor sozha. This temple was not maintained by any department in between 12th to 20th century. There after on the effort of the great Thiru.Nanjundasawamy with the family of Jampal chettiar, whole belong to lingayath community joined together, collector donations from the and public and purchased land to an extent of 500 Sq.ft and constructed a compound wall round the temple.

            Proposal were send to Government several times demanding for a new wooden car for the temple of lord lakshmi narayana instead of the existing damaged wooden for and same is still pending with government. Every year during chitra povurnami marriages were being done for the to lords belong with car festival  two days.

            But this was subsequently stopped. The public and VIP’s of the town took much efforts, formed a worship committee and celebrated Kumbavishekam in a more fitted manner in the year 2002. Repair works to Arulmigu  Desanatha Easwar temple is being under taken now, which will be completed early and kumbavishekam east to the celebrated shortly.

            Even though there is no income from this to temples all important festivals VIZ Povurmani girivalam, Sivanrathri,Kaarthigai,Prathosham,Kalabairavi Poojai,Dhasara,Vaigunda yagadesi,Purattasi Worship   are being celebrated at this temples by collecting donation offered by the public.


Sri Subramaniyar Temple

The temple was very famous in Kambainallur town.