Karimangalam Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Karimangalam Town Panchayat Located 22.00 K.M distance from Dharmapuri District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Dharmapuri , This Railway Station Located 22.00 k.m Distance from karimangalam
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : -
  4. Bus Route Details : : -
  1. Aruneshwarar Malai kovil - Ward No : 12 - Street Name - Aruneshwarar Malai kovil street
  2. Ramasamy kovil - Ward No : 4 - Street Name - Main road
  3. Mariamman kovil - Ward No : 9 - Street Name - Mandai Veethi
  4. Throwpathiamman kovil - Ward No : 4 - Street Name - Morappur road
  5. Lakshmi Narayana kovil - Ward No : 10 - Street Name - Main road
  6. Vinayakar kovil - Ward No : 9 - Street Name - Savadipillaiar kovil st
  7. Anjaneyar kovil - Ward No : 11 - Street Name - Palacode road
  8. Mosque - Ward No : 6 - Street Name - Main road
  9. Church - Ward No : 7 - Street Name - Mukkunapark street
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Panguni Uthiram7MAR10000NON-NOTIFIED
Ramasamy kovil-Jallikattu1JAN8000NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
HarurEast65.00 K.m
PalacodeWest18.00 K.m
KrishnagirNorth24.00 K.m
Dharmapuri South22.00 K.m





             Karimangalam is the Selection Grade Town Panchayat in Dharmapuri District. The Town is situated at a distance of about 22 Km from the district headquarters and Dharmapuri City Municipality Karimangalam is well connected to Dharmapuri to Krishnagir Road way of National Highways.

             Karimangalam Town Panchayat is one of the Major Town Panchayat and is Classified as a Selection Grade Town Panchayat with 15 Administrative Wards having an area of 3.20 Sq.km with a population 13511 (2011 Census). SC-944, ST-8 out of which 6757 and 6754 are Male and Female population respectively. The Town Primarily comprises residential, commercial, institutional. The total population of the slum area is about 500. The slum area is being given importance for providing Basic Amenities for the uplift of the poor under various schemes. Karimangalam Town Panchayat covers the following 2 revenue village.


             Present Population of the town is 13511. The Source of Drinking water is Supplied from Agram river and Hogenakkal Combined water supply scheme. It is 12 Kms from Karimangalam. Distributed Water in 4 OHT in pumping and supplying 70 LPCD. Otherwise Hand Pumps in 68 places are in this Town Panchayat. Now, in this Town Panchayat Drinking  Water supply 163 nos Public Tap available. Also Local source of 4 Power pump and 75 Mini power pump using in the Town Panchayat.


             Karimangalam Town Panchayat  role regarding road comprises construction of Major roads and maintenance of all roads in its jurisdiction, except roads belonging to PWD and Highways department. In the new extension areas within Town Panchayat limits too, the internal roads are developed and maintained by the local body. It is also responsible for implementing proposals from master plan with regards new major roads and road widening activities. Total road lengths 31.605 Km.


                                     Karimangalam is having effective network of storm water drains to the length of 18.750 km. Provides further details regarding the type of storm water drains in the Town. The Waste water flows through roadside open drains. As of now 16.50 km length of regular road side drains exist, though kutcha drains exist almost along all road. There is no proper disposal of sullage/Waste water as in accumulates in Low lying Areas/Depressions effectively draining but to sleep natural gradients. The accumulated sullage acts as a breeding place for mosquitoes and files creating health hazards an unhygienic environment.


                                     The provision and Maintenance of street lights is an obligatory function of Karimangalam Town Panchayat. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), a statutory body formed in 1957 under the Electricity Supply act, 1948 supplied Electricity to Karimangalam. TNEB is responsible for installing new streetlight poles and drawing electric cabled to light them. The Town Panchayat bears the expenses incurred. Temporary lighting arrangements is also extended by the local body in case of fairs and festivals organized in the town. There are about 435 streetlight in the town limits. The average spacing of streetlight pole in 40m, where as the preferred spacing of 30m.




                         The ancient temple is an Aruneshwarar  temple in Karimangalam which locate on a hill with the height of 200 ft.  This temple is launched in 12th Century. Last  “ Kumpabishegam  “ was held in 1895 by “ Gowthama Mahar Rishi “ .  The temple comes under this town panchayat area limit. The well-known National Highway (NH-7) passes through this town panchayat. 


                     The Main Occupation of the People is Agriculture and Traders. Nearly 8000 people of its total population mainly depend upon Agriculture. The Agriculture product, Tomato and Sugarcane in particular is largely grown in Karimangalam area.


                  This town has a fairly healthy climate. The Maximum temperature normally occurs in the month of may while the minimum temperature in winter occurs in December. Karimangalam has a good locality of living . It is the Peaceful place to live here and the people of Karimangalam are very mankind and most loving people.