Pillanallur Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Pillanallur Town Panchayat Located 21.00 K.M distance from Namakkal District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Rasipuram , This Railway Station Located 7.00 k.m Distance from pillanallur
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : Salem
  4. Bus Route Details : : Rasipuram to Tiruchengode
  1. SivaSubramaniyar Temple - Ward No : 5 - Street Name - Middle Street
  2. Mariyamman Temple - Ward No : 5 - Street Name - Middle Street
  3. GuruEaswaran Temple - Ward No : 5 - Street Name - Middle Street
  4. Omkaliyamman Temple - Ward No : 12 - Street Name - Omkaliyamman Kovil street
  5. Badhrakaliyamman Temple - Ward No : 14 - Street Name - pillanallur
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Mariyamman Festival 5NOV8560NON-NOTIFIED
Sivasubramaniyar Festival10APR7450NON-NOTIFIED
Omkaliyamman Kovil Festival15MAR6450NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
RasipuramEast8.00 K.m
TiruchengodeWest32.00 K.m
SalemNorth28.00 K.m
NamakkalSouth21.00 K.m


1. Town Profile:-


            Pillanallur  Town Panchayat is a First Grade Town Panchayat.  It consists 15 wards with 11161 Population as per 2011 censes.  The area of Town Panchayat is 4.07 Sq.km.  The Town Panchayat maintains 32.568 km length of road.


            Pillanallur Town Panchayat situated in the West 3 Kilometer from Kashmir to Kannyakumari N.H. 7 Road. It is located at a distance of 7 Kilometres West from Rasipuram – 29 Kilometres South from Namakkal and 29 Kilometres North from salem city. Pillanallur Town has a rich Historical and cultural heritage. The history bears the famous temple of Sivasubramaniyar Kovil. Tamil, Sanskrit  and Telugh revel the rich bearings of the town in Namakkal District.


2. Existing Scenario :-


            There is no Existing Cubicles. This Place of Vacant Site of 2. 50 acreas.


3. Need for the Proposal :-


            The Proposed CC Road, Compound wall, Segregation Plat form.


4. Components of Proposal :-


Proposed the following items of works involved in this estimates are given below.

  1. Segregation  Plat form
  2. Construction of CC Road
  3. Compound wall




Earth work


Cement Concrete 1:4:8


Brick Work in CM 1:5


Centering for sides and soffits of RCC Slab


Supplying and fabricating of steel rods


RCC 1:11/2 :3 Mix


PCC 1:2:4 Mix


Plastering  of CM 1:5 Mix


Cement paint with Two coats


5. Funding Pattern :-


            Out of the total Estimate cost of 30.00 Lakhs a sum of Rs.27.54 Lakhs is expected to be sanctioned as Government Grant and  Town Panchayat General Fund Amount Rs. 2.46 Lakhs.


6. Benefits from the projects :-


On Completion of the Scheme, there are 9350 Nos of Public will be benefited. 


7. Estimate Cost :-


The Cost of Estimate work out to Rs.30.00 Lakhs.


8. Agency of execution :-


By Town Panchayat Engineering wing.