Pudur (S) Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Pudur (S) Town Panchayat Located 76.00 K.M distance from Thenkasi District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Shencottai , This Railway Station Located 7.00 k.m Distance from s-pudur
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : Thiruvananthapuram
  4. Bus Route Details : : Tirunelveli to Tenkasi to Shencottai to Puliyarai Route, Kollam Shencottai main Road, Pudur(S) Town Panchayat
  1. Sri kurralanankai amman - Ward No : 13 - Street Name - 2nd Street
  2. Sri Muppudathi Amman - Ward No : 14 - Street Name - 1st Street
  3. Vadakasi Amman Kovil - Ward No : 2 - Street Name - 1st Street
  4. Sri Muppudathi Amman - Ward No : 10 - Street Name - 1st Street
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Sri Muppudathi Amman, Poolankudiyiruppu1MAR500NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
ShencottaiEast5.00 K.m
kulathupuzha West35.00 K.m
KadayanallurNorth24.00 K.m
Western Ghats South5.00 K.m






Pudur(S) Town Panchayat coming under the administrative territory of Shencottai Taluck, Thirunelveli District.  This Town constituted in the year of 1970 1st Grade Town Panchayat.  In the year 1983 Director of Town Panchayat Proceeding No.29682/82 J5 dates: 04.02.1983 constituted as Selection Grade.  This Town Panchayat is coming under municipal Act from the year 1996. In the year 11.6.2004 wide G.O.No.270 Date. 04.06.2004 It as called Special Village Panchayat.  Again on 14.7.2006 wide G.O.No.55 date14.7.2006 as Town Panchayat.

          In this Town Panchayat Municipal act has been implemented and followed.  Total Area of panchayat 36.323 Total 10.299 k.m of roads, Total 10.299 km of Storm water drain, Total 32.00km pipe lines has been Maintained by town Panchayat.

Pudur (s) town panchayat in Shencottah taluk, Thriunelveli district is situated at the toot of the gorgeous Western Ghats, on the courtallam _ kerala main road. It is only 8 kilometers from the well known tourism centre courtallam that consists of many time water falls. Courtallam in a spa, visited by tourists from all over India, during south _ west monsoon season (June _ September) Pudur(s) town panchayat has a nast area of 33.21 square kilometres and comprises 13 hamlets namely 1) Moontru Vaikkal   2) Mottai 3) KannuPulli medu  4) Kesavapuram    5) Sathianmedu    6) Thavanai    7) Melapudur 8) Keelapudur       9) Shencottah melur 10)  Shencottah keelur 11) Eraviyatharmapuram 12) Poolangudiyiruppu and 13) lalakudiyiruppu. As per the 2011 census then town panchayat has a population of 12457.This is a developing town panchayat.moontru vaikkal, mottai, kannupullimedu and sathianrmedu that form part of this town panchayat lie beside the foot of the western Ghats Gundaru dam and mottai Dam are at kannupulimedu and there are some waterfalls also near the dams.

Gundaru dam & Water falls



More over, a famous temple named Dakshinamoorthy temple is in puliyarai which in Only 3(Three) kilometer form this town panchayat. Thenmalai dam site which in only 20 kilometers form this town panchayat in a famous tourism centre drawing a large number of tourists all through the year. Above all the claimate of this town panchayat during the south west monsoon season and the rest of the year in cool pleasant and condu eure to health.

Dakshinamoorthy temple

This city population is in 2001 Cenuse 11110 as for 2011 Census 12457 present population is 14000 Total No.of Assiesment 4300 Total No.wards 15. 

This town has a fairly healthy climate. The maximum temperature normally occurs in the month of May while the minimum temperature in winter occurs in December.

This the town panchayat maintained 32 km pipeline, 9 No. Of OHT,  with the help of above Facility the Town Panchayat giving 72 LPCD to the Population.

The town panchayat total area is 33.21 sq.km. 36.00 km of roads has been maintained   by town panchayat out of which 15.404 km. BT Road, 1.960 km. CC Road 18.959 km.  earthen Road.