Singampunari Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Singampunari Town Panchayat Located 57.00 K.M distance from Sivagangai District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Karaikudi , This Railway Station Located 50.00 k.m Distance from singampunari
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : Madurai
  4. Bus Route Details : : Singampunari to madurai
  1. Sri sevuga moorthy ayyanar thiru koil - Ward No : 6 - Street Name - Kovil vasal
  2. Muthu vadukar nathar kovil - Ward No : 1 - Street Name - VOC street
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Vaikasi Festival10MAY25000NON-NOTIFIED
Chitira boowarame1APR10000NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
ThiruppathurEast27.00 K.m
NathamWest22.00 K.m
PonnamaravathiNorth24.00 K.m
MelurSouth26.00 K.m




1.1 (i) LOCATION :                                                                                                                                              

          SINAMPUNARI is one of the Town  Panchayat located  in Thiruppathur Taluk of Sivaganga District.  TamilNadu, It is Situated on Karaikudi - Dindugal Road at a distance of 40Km from Karaikudi Town and 52Km from Sivagangai and 60Km North side of Madurai.  The Total area of the Selection Grade Town  Panchayat is 8.40 Sq.Km.


            There is an ancient Sevugaperumal Temple,  Lord SevugaPerumal and Pidari Amman are the  deities.  There are also idols of the Sivan Sannathi is another Important Section of the Temple. Where the idol is in a rare Posture of Penance Majestic and attractive.  The Temple has Three wooden Cars, Annual Car Festival is Celebrated during Vaikasi,  There is a big  reservoir Called Kovil Theppam is in front of the temple.             The Place Called  PIRANMALAI  is a historical place located at a distance of 10Km from Singampunari and that is ruled by  “ PARIVALLAL “ in the ancient Periods.


           A study  growth  of population of this  Panchayat reveals that it population had growth from 15633 in 1991 to 16858 in 2001 with an average annual growth rate of 0.50 percent during the period 1991-2001.  The Sex ratio of the Population is 945 Female per 1200 Male as  per 2001 census which shows the trend of urbanization of this settlement.  The literacy rate as per 2001 Census is 53.70 percent of the total Population with a Composition  of male literates and female literates of 51.35 percent and 48.65 percent to total literates respectively.  Further Floating Population of this Panchayat is 10000 Coming from the near by  Villages for working.


            The economic base of this town is basically Trade and Commerce.  Commercial activities in the Town  Panchayat key role in generating economic activities in this region.  The major occupation of the people of this Panchayat is agriculture and manufacturing  of coir Products, Trade, Commerce industry and Transport are Secondary Occupations. 


            The Town has one Nationalised bank, a Electricity board sub station with Office, Town  Panchayat office, a post and Telegraph office, a Panchayat Union Office, a police Station, an Assistant  Engineer’s Office for P.W.D and  High Ways Department , One Library and Bus-Stand.There is a Govt. Hospital , Two Higher Secondary School, One for Boys and one for Girls. Three Private matriculation Schools, Seven Union Primary Schools. There is one  daily market and One Weekly market held on Thursday.


Property Tax is the primary Source of Town Panchayat Revenue.  Usually a sum of Rs. 17.99 Lakhs collected under this item.  Out of a total Revenue of 109.51 Lakhs property tax is the major resource, of this ULB.even though collection of Property Tax is the major source of Revenue, it is not possible as on date even to meet out the recurring expenditure, by our source. 

To meet out the financial crux with fiscal Revenue.  Necessary Budgetary provisions were given under Government head of grants.  Here, S.F.C. grants must be a needful one.Considering expenditure.  Salaries to staffs find a major portion.  Assets were created with the help of balance sufficient funds, available.  The financial status of Singampunari Town Panchayat Selection  Grade Town Panchayat is for the last 3 years indicates deficit in the income and expenditure pattern.If the Government permits for the revision of property (from 01.10.1998 General Revision pending) the fiscal deficit may be redacted, to a maximum level.


The infrastructure profile refers to the current state of infrastructure and utility system in the Town.  It indicates the adequacy or inadequacy of infrastructure services in terms of coverage, quantity, and quality and attempts to identify the factors responsible for inadequate development of infrastructure services. It measures the gap between demand and supply of different infrastructure  services, and examines the factors that explain the gap.  For example, is the inadequacy of the availability of water of power due to : (i) the lack of investment, leakages and thefts commonly observed in water and power sectors (ii) low tariffs that serve as a disincentive to investment (iii) or institutional fragmentation.  It reviews the cost of delivering services and compares them with recoveries made there from.The most important aspect of the analysis lies in recognition of the fact that inadequate access to infrastructure is a key constraint to development apart from determining the characteristics and quality of public serviced delivery, it is important to ascertain the factors that are constraining infrastructure development.


      The protected water Supply Scheme of this Selection Grade Town Panchayat maintained since 1970’s.  This Town has 8 Nos of OHT with Bore well  Water Source of total Capacity in 8.00Lakh Liters and This Town had provided 78 Hand pumps 13 Mini Power Pump, 84 Public Fountain,


            Storage Facilities.  The water is collected in the service reservoir through the feeder mains.  This town  has 9 OHT.Distribution Arrangements.  The total length of the distribution network is 22km., with PVC as the predominant material.  It is noted that, almost about  20km., of distribution network was laid during the year  1991– 2005.  The abstract of the distribution network is presented in the table. 


            Gross  water supply of 8.23 Lakhs liters of  water from main bore well sources as indicated above and 4.49 Lakhs liters of water get from other sources like hand pumps, mini pumps and other tanks. Total gross supply in the town is 12.72Lakhs per day with norm of 70 LPCD. 



            As per the definition provided by the Town Panchayat solid waste (Management and handling) rules, 2000 of Government of India, Town Panchayat  solid waste includes commercial and residential wastes generated in Town Panchayat  or notified areas in either solid or semi-solid form excluding industrial hazardous wastes but including treated bio-medical wastes. The present section elucidates the status of Town Panchayat  solid waste management in Singampunari Town Panchayat .


            The collection, Transportation and disposal of Town panchayat solid waste is and obligatory function of the Singampunari Town Panchayat. The Town Panchayat solid waste mainly comprises waste from households, markets  commercial establishments, hotels and hospitals in the town. The health department of the Town panchayat, Headed by sanitary supervisor is responsible for the solid waste management of the town. for the efficient administration and for day to day operation purpose, the town is divided into Two sanitary divisions covering all the 18 town panchayat wards.


            Quantity  of Generation: As per the Solid waste action plan prepared for Singampunari Town Panchayat, The total quantity of waste generated in Singampunari Town Panchayat is  3 MT per day. This works out to    grams per capita per day (2005)  which is lower than the Specified standards of 175 grams per capita for the town of similar size.


Primary collection :- Singampunari Town Panchayat has initiated the system of door to door collection to collect solid waste from the households and other establishments on wards 01.03.2005. Source segregation is not insisted and thus the mixed waste in collected though source segregation is practiced partially in some areas. The local body has provided 21 Push carts for door to door collection. the wards where door to door collection is done on a daily basis in Total Ward 18. In the absence of sufficient manpower with the Town Panchayat, door to door collection is not uniform. Solid waste in other wards is collected in alternate days or once in three days.

Since there is no designated secondary collection points in the Town Panchayat waste is being dumped in the near by Compost yard. Door to door collection is not carried out is slum of the Town Panchayat. Slum dwellers dump the waste on the road side, which is cleaned  up by daily the Town Panchayat.

As per details furnished by Singampunari Town Panchayat, the local body has provided push cart and Tractor to divided uniform sizes based on the need and type of waste. Many of the households throw the waste onto the streets, drains and open spaces within the locality creation unhealthy conditions. Further, the waste thrown into the open drains leads to its choking  causing the overflow of the wastewater on the streets.

Street sweeping:-  One of the major activities in the solid waste management is the street sweeping activity, which is time consuming, and labour intensive. In addition to street sweeping, due to the open drain system of sewage collection, drain desilting is also essential. The local body carry out street sweeping and drain desilting in 18 Wards. Hand brooms and brooms with ends having metal blade are used for street  sweeping while shovel and push are used for drain desilting activities. About 0.50MT of waste is collected through street sweeping.

The local body has engaged 21 sanitary workers against the sanctioned posts of 21 to manage the solid waste in the town. However, arterial roads and roads with commercial establishments like Main road Thickest populations are swept daily.

Secondary waste collection:-  The secondary collection refers to collection of waste from intermediate collection points or transit points to the disposal site. Presently there are no allocated secondary collection point in the Town Panchayat is having a Tractor with Trailer of 1.5 MT capacity and disposing 3.00 MT daily.

 Frequency of collection:-  Since there are no designated secondary collection, Waste collection is dumped in the disposal ground as and when the vehicle reaches its full carrying capacity.

            Transportation of waste:-   The local body has utilized 2 Tractor. 21 push carts and 21 Sweepers for the transportation of waste.



            Singampunari Town Panchayat  role regarding road comprises construction of major roads and maintenance of all roads in its jurisdiction, except roads belonging to PWD and Highways department. In the new extension areas within Town Panchayat  limits, too, the internal roads are developed and maintained by the local body. It is also responsible for implementing proposals from master plan with regards new major roads and road widening activities.


Length ( In K.m)

Black topped




Paver Block road


Cut Stone


Earthern / Kutcha




Other Departmental roads


Highways and major district road


Highways Road


Union Road





Singampunari Town Panchayat  is having effective network of storm water drains to the length of 15.450 km, which is 48 percent of total road network. Provides further details regarding the type of storm water drains in the town.

Storm Water Drains


Drain Type






Open Drains – Pucca



Open Drains – Kutcha



Closed Drains