Namagiripettai Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Namagiripettai Town Panchayat Located 40.00 K.M distance from Namakkal District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Rasipuram , This Railway Station Located 46.00 k.m Distance from namagiripettai
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : -
  4. Bus Route Details : : Namakkal - Rasipuram - Namagiripet
  1. Namagiripet - Ward No : 15 - Street Name - Bazaar Street
  2. Vellakkalpatty - Ward No : 2 - Street Name - Mariyamman Kovil Street
  3. Ariagoundampatty - Ward No : 8 - Street Name - Padayachi Street
  4. Thannerpanthalkadu - Ward No : 5 - Street Name - Kumbakottai
  5. Ariyakulanthaipudhur - Ward No : 11 - Street Name - Ariyakulanthaipudhur
  6. North Kattuvalavu - Ward No : 11 - Street Name - Kongalamman Kovil
  7. Ariyagoundampatty - Ward No : 9 - Street Name - Kallanguthu
  8. Namagiripet - Ward No : 13 - Street Name - West Colony
  9. Namagiripet - Ward No : 14 - Street Name - East Colony
  10. Namagiripet - Ward No : 10 - Street Name - Chinna Ariyagoundampatty
  11. Ariyagoundampatty - Ward No : 10 - Street Name - Kongalamman Kovil
  12. Akkalampatty - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - Akkalampatty
  13. Vellakkalpatty - Ward No : 2 - Street Name - Kamaraj Nagar
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Namagiripet Marriyamman Kovil15MAY10000NON-NOTIFIED
Vellakkalpatty Marriyamman Kovil75APR4000NON-NOTIFIED
Ariyagoundampatty Marriyamman Kovil10MAY3000NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
NamakkalEast111.00 K.m
SalemWest128.00 K.m
AtturNorth135.00 K.m
TiruchengoduSouth146.00 K.m






                    In  17th Century, the eastern part of Kongu Nadu was ruled by Madurai Naicker’s and Mysore King. He appointed one representative and he ruled with the head quarters of Sankagiri.  The traders of the community of  “ Veera Saiva Jangam” had business dealings all over the country. They traveled through “ Mettala” for  their trade where a “Toll Gate” was existing. They did not usually pay any exist duty during their travel through “Mettala”. 


Once they were denied to carry out their luggage with out paying any duty. Hence the head of the traders approached the officer in charge for levying exist duty stayed at Namakkal. Before that he went to the “Namagiri Amman” Temple and “Anjaneya” Temple in Namakkal. He prayed to God that if they were permitted to travel with their luggage, he promised to originate a town in the name of “Namagiri Amman” and to build a temple for “Anjanaya” at Mettala.  Surprisingly, with God’s grace, He was permitted as he wished. So, according to his promise, he originated a town and named it “Namagiripettai” and built a temple for “Anjaneya” near “Mettala”. This is not a fable story. There are a lot of evidences proved in sculptures and in literature.


          Namagiripettai is situated in the state highway from Attur  to Erode. Its total area is 17.86 It belongs to Namakkal District and Rasipuram Taluk. This town is surrounded by Seerapalli Town Panchayat towards west, Pudupatty Town Panchayat north, Pachudayampalayam Panchayat and Oduvankurichi Panchaayt south, and Kolli Hills east.  There are small hills around this Panchayat namely Pasarimalai, Namagirimalai, Sankarandi karadu, Kariyaperumal karadu, and Irulangal karadu.



          During Summer, It is too hot in this Town Panchayat.  Particularly from April to June this Town Panchayat meets with very hot season. At the same time the north – west monsoon begins from June to August in this Town Panchayat and it gets a reasonable rain fall. During winter, from September to November this Town Panchayat gets a moderate rainfall up to the needy water levels. But there are very limited source of water to the lakes found in this Town Panchayat. Particularly in Ariyagoundanpatty, the water source is mainly from Kollimalai and it is not enough to fill that lake. Though there are many steps made for storing rain water in “Kasivuneer kuttai” at many places at the edge of Kolli Hills.




The main occupation in this town is Agriculture, Sago Factory, Appalam Factory and Power Looms. The products derived from  Sago is mainly Javvarisi  and Appalam. The Products of Namagiripettai is mostly liked by North Indians. These products are transported to Delhi, Mumbai, Ahemadabad, Baroda, Nagpur etc.  Agriculture is also another main occupation of Namagiripettai. The main crops of this Panchayat are Maravalli, Rice, Turmeric, Bananas, Onion, Groundnuts and Corns. The Formers are engaged in maintaining cattle forming and poultry forms.  Eggs are transported to All over India from the poultry forms situated in this Town Panchayat. Export garments and clothes are manufactured and transported to Salem City.




This Town Panchayat is well known for its “Kiramiya Kalaigal” Naiyandi melam is the famous instrument used by this people and its familiarity is well known to the people of TamilNadu.



                   “Padmashri” Namagiripettai Krishnan is known for his Nagaswaram. He had been appointed as “Asthana Vidvan” in Thirupathi- Thirumalai Devasthanam. After his demise, his younger brother Sri Murugan is following his services. He has performed so many programs in Burma, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, America, France, and England


                        He was awarded “Doctorate” for his noblest performance in “Pondichery University”by  Honorable PRESIDENT Mr.VENKATARAMAN  and Honorable VICE-PRESIDENT Mr.S.D.SHARMA.



                   During October / November in every year, the people of this Town Panchayat are very eagerly celebrating Deepavali festival. During January in every year, the people are celebrating Pongal Festival for Four Days.  On Uzhavar Thirunal, a famous “Horse race” has been conducted in this Town Panchayat.  A large number of teams from all over TamilNadu are participating in it.  In March and April, Mariyamman festival is celebrated nearly for Ten Days in this Town Panchayat. During that time a variety of cultural programs like Dramas, Orchestra, Dances and so on.

                        “Aadi Perukku” is also another festival celebrated in this Town Panchayat at Kongalamman Koil which is situated towards east 2 KM away from Namagiripettai. 

                        In this Town Panchayat there are a lot of weavers living. During September – October people are celebrating “Saraswathi Pooja” and “Ayuatha Pooja”.  Mostly during at the time of all festival seasons, the people clean their homes well and white wash them.

                        “Vinayagar Sathurthi” are also celebrated very eagerly by this Town Panchayat people.  The idols of Vinayagar are also carried to the Cauvery  river at Mohanur for demolishing them.




                   A famous Mariyamman Temple is situated at the centre of the Town. It has been originated nearly more than 90 years ago. A festival has been celebrated at the end of Chithirai. Nearly this festival has been longed for 15 days. A famous “Car” has been taken over through out the main streets. 

This temple is taken over by “Hindu Religious Department”. During that function, the Minister, MLA, MP, District Collector, Thasildars and large number of VIP’s attended. Thousands of People from more than 20 Villages living around this Town Panchayats are participating in that function. After that the people are given a variety of entertainment programs organized by different section of the people.




                   Sri Venugopal Samy Temple is situated at the north side of the Namagiripettai Town. During local festival the primary function is started from this temple and a “Car” is taken around the town during “Masi Magam”.  During that function, the Minister, MLA, MP, District Collector, Thasildars and large number of VIP’s attended. It is originated and maintained by “ Ariya Vysya Community People”.


                   In this Town Panchayat, there are a small section of minority people living. There is a “Mosque” built in Namagiripettai. There is also a “Church” built in Namagiripettai. Though different religious people, live here, a good social and communal harmony prevailing among them.




                   There are two elementary schools are running for more than 50 years in Namagiripettai alone. There are nearly 4 Middle Schools and 3 Elementary schools in Namagiripettai Town Panchayat. These schools provide a strong and steady education to the students of this Town Panchayat. One private ITI gives technical education to the students of this Town Panchayat. More over there are two nursery schools also provide education in English medium.





                        There is a weekly market available in this town. Its total area is 2.10 acre. There are a lot of agricultural products like Coconut, Turmeric, Groundnut, and fresh vegetables are brought to this market from the near by villages like Vellakkalpatty, Ariyagoundanpatty, Akkalampatty, Moolapallipatty, Thanneerapandalkadu, Ariyakulandaipudur, Mettala, Kattapuliyamaram, Koraiyaru and Koangalammankoil etc.

This Market is very famous for its sale of spices. During the Tamil months of “Thai” and “Masi” a lot of merchants from all over TamilNadu are coming to purchase the spices like “Kadugu, Sombu, Seeragam, Kothamalli, Kirambu, and Milagu” which are mostly derived from Kolli Hills.    This weekly market  is auctioned every year and the revenue is collected from the lessee and it is a great revenue to the Town Panchayat. During the year 2006-2007 this market is auctioned to the tune of Rs. 3,45,000/-



            There are daily markets at the middle of the town. A sum of Rs.78,000/- is collected from the street vendors and shop owners of this town. This amount is used for the developmental activities of this town.



                        This Town Panchayat consists of a lot of Sago factories, Poultry Forms and a well known cattle and poultry feed factory. There are a large number of employees working in the sago factories through out the year.  The poultry forms in and around the Town Panchayat are producing lakhs of eggs and chickens and these are transported to all parts of TamilNadu. The powder derived from sago factories are used for producing Sago, Appalam and Storch.


The poultry forms are also giving a lot of employment opportunities to the rural people of this Town Panchayat. The cattle and poultry feed factory situated at Vellakkalpatty namely “Sri Palani Andavar Feeds” are also providing a lot of employment to the rural people. The products of this factory is evenly transported to all over the Country and more over its products are also exported to some foreign countries too.  In this town of Namagiripettai there are regulated agricultural markets also functioning.


A famous “Weekly sandy”  is held at Namagiripettai Town on every Friday. The people who are living around this Town Panchayat are gathered here for buying and selling the agricultural products and home needs. 


A Commercial complex is also available in this Town at the nearest of Town Panchayat Office.  There are 27 shops also available at the lowest rent with all facilities needed for smooth functioning of business.







            Place                                                  :           Koraiyaru


            Place of the Head                            :           Pump house, Koraiyaru


            Source of Water                               :           Koraiyaru River


            Date of Origin of Plan                     :           1978



            Date of Completion                         :           1984


            Storage Capacity                             :           3.60 Lakhs Litre


            No of beneficiaries                          :            22222/-


            Value of Plan                                               :           19,89,000/-


            Water Pumps                                    :           6 Nos