Samalapuram Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Samalapuram Town Panchayat Located 16.00 K.M distance from Tirupur District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Somanur , This Railway Station Located 5.00 k.m Distance from samalapuram
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : Sulur
  4. Bus Route Details : : Tiruppur to Somanur
  1. Soliswarar Temple - Ward No : 1 - Street Name - Eswaran Kovil Street
  2. Varatharaj Perumal Temple - Ward No : 1 - Street Name - Karuparayan Kovil Street
  3. Kulandai Velayuthasamy Temple - Ward No : 5 - Street Name - Kulandai Velayuthasamy street
  4. Ayyan Temple - Ward No : 9 - Street Name - Ayyan Kovil Street
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Maha Sivarathiri1FEB5000NON-NOTIFIED
Vaigunda Egathasi2JAN6000NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
TiruppurEast16.00 K.m
SulurWest17.00 K.m
AvinashiNorth20.00 K.m
PalladamSouth16.00 K.m

                                                                                         TIRUPPUR DISTRICT

                                                                           SAMALAPURAM TOWN PANCHAYAT

                                                                                          TOWN PROFILE



1.Town Profile.



   Samalapuram  Town Panchayat is located on Somanur to Tirupur main Road  at a distance of  16 kms from  Tiruppur . The famous "Vazhai Thottatu Ayyan kovil  " is located at the heart of the town. Visiting places such as "Vazhai  Thottatu Ayyan kovil  , at Ayyampalayam in   Samalapuram  town Panchayat area.  Many people residing at Samalapuram   are working in  Power loom, Sizing mills . The population of the Town was 20618  in 2011. There are number of substantial riots living in this town. The total revenue of the Town depends agriculture &  Power loom units.


Samalapuram Panchayat is situated in Palladam taluk in Tiruppur  District.  It was told that once upon a time when Cholas ruled south India. Samalpauram was called as Shyamalapuram after the name of Karikala cholas step mother.  Time being now  it is called Samalapuram.

Samalapuram was announced as a panchayat by the R.O.C .No 5628/56 on 10.4.1956 . It was upgraded as II Grade town panchayat on 1.9.1968 by  the Ordeer of Director of Rural development, no 4/67  dated 26.3.1968

Later it was announced as I Grade   Town Panchayat by the R.O.C No 26181/84  dated 3.1.1985  by the Director of  Town Panchayat Chennai.

Here the main occupation of People is Agriculture  for the past 50 years , Hand loom and powerloom and spinning mills  are also flourishing and function ring successfully.















        Arul Mighu Vazhai Thottathu Ayyan Thirukoil is situated in Samalapuram . This temple is very famour and it is believed that it cures the bite of poisonous insects and animals aspecially snakes . Every year Thiruvathirai festival is celebrated on  Markazhi month.  An annual income of  75 Laks is obtained from the temple . Yearly more than   1 lakj of pilgrims visit that temple.  The temple provides

                              “Anna Dhanam “   on all   important days.  A School is Administrated by this temple.  Nearby  1500 Students are Studing here.  50 Students are boarding in the School.  All the Expenses for them including residence, food, clothing etc.,  is provided by the temple trust.   Yearly once “ Gomatha PooJa “ is organised by the  temple and it was conducted successfully.  The temple is looked after by the Assistan Commissioner Endoment Board Chennai.




                                         A  famous Muruga temple called KulanthaiVelayuthasamy Swamy temple is situated   in Velayuthampalayam   in    Samalpuarm Town Panchayat. “Thai  Poosam” is celebrated here every year in a very grand manner




 A Perumal temple is situated on the southern bank of Noyyal river . It was very ancient temple and the name of the god is Sri “  Varadharaja Perumal “ God  appeor in Sleeping manner with  Boomidevi and Neela devi  The Koil Kuda Mulukku Vizha was celebraded  on  23.1.1994 . It was looked after well when chola ruled Kongu  Mandalam.  The “ Patters of this  temple were taken from Kanchipuram  and their posterity are looking after the temple fill now. According  to the inscriptions, we came to know that  were collected  from the  sellers of pepper and salt by the temple.  This money was used to celebrate Vaigunda yegathesi. Samalapuram was once a trading centre and a famous town.